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The Photo Galleries page contains photos from St. Johnsbury Band events from past years.
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Year Events
2020 COVID-19 Summer Concerts
2019 Festival of the Bands
Health & Rehab Center Concert
History & Heritage Museum Concert
Summer Concerts
2018 Memorial Day
Summer Concerts
4th of July - North Woodstock, NH
2017 Parades
Veteran's Day Concert
2016 Memorial Day
Last Summer Concert
Annual BBQ
Veteran's Day Concert
Holiday Concert
2015 Veterans Day Concert
2007 Stars and Strips Parade
2006 Farmers Night
Memorial Day
4th of July - St. Johnsbury
4th of July - North Woodstock, NH
Lake George Band Festival
Summer Concerts - St. Johnsbury
Summerworks - St. Johnsbury
2005 Lake George Band Festival